Datatweb Productivity redefines how business applications should work to ensure they are intuitive and enable efficient working.

The Datatweb meta framework approach, a solution to the rigidity of business software systems.

Another way to look at data to improve the productivity of business data.

The Datatweb system, a disruptive way of making software.

Lean software development

Supporting lean working of companies by automating the software production process.

Development of IT systems in a lot of companies cannot pace up with the speed of technological innovations because the lack of automating the IT development process itself.

Rigid software systems remain reality.

For every software system or framework, a lot of thought patterns are inherently embedded in the software and are not accessible anymore.

Even if all practices for developing maintainable software are followed, this makes maintenance of software hard and expensive.

Applying changes in requirements require software developers to make changes in software code manually.

These efforts are still costly and imply a risk of destabilising the software system.

Lean working of companies must smoothly be accompanied by lean creation of software.

In order to remain competitive or to obtain a competitive advantage, modern companies are forced to adopt a Lean way of working.

A continuous adaptation to (anticipated) needs of customers, requires not only a flexible way of working, but also a flexible adaptation of the software supporting the provided services and by preference also of the software supporting the way of working of the company itself (the companies business processes).

Agile software development should support an agile way of working.

Despite all efforts, agile software development is not that agile at all by its non automated nature, remains risky in jeopardising stability of the software system and by extension the business processes it acts upon, and is costly in resources.

The manual craft work required for this so called agile development is an anachronism : a highly technical environment remains at the mercy of rapidly introduced manual changes. Even when done by highly skilled software developers, this remains a risky and stressful business.

The intellectual potential of software developers could be used in a far more effective way.

A solution effectively supporting lean working of companies is offered by an automated approach to software creation.

A meta framework contains the implementation of a rich set of concepts at a higher abstraction level.

To implement other specifications in a concrete application, requires a concretely specified instantiation of concepts supported by the meta framework.

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