Datatweb Productivity redefines how business applications should work to ensure they are intuitive and enable efficient working.

The Datatweb meta framework approach, a solution to the rigidity of business software systems.

Another way to look at data to improve the productivity of business data.

The Datatweb system, a disruptive way of making software.

Business applications revisited

A lot of the needs for the daily operation of most companies are similar. Similar but not identical.

The meta framework approach to create software inspires to rethink the types of applications that are useful for the efficient working of companies.

There is still a need for software with determined behaviour.

Focus of software research seems to have shifted to self learning software.

However, there is still a need for business applications solving needs in a traditional way by deterministic software, software with determined behaviour.

Rethink solutions for business software needs.

The solutions that traditional (business) software systems offer, are often far from optimal, because of the way software is made.

The restriction that the software is created manually, limits the practical possibilities.

Using mainstream technology, and using the mainstream way of writing software, no attempts are done to solve common similar needs of companies in their generality. The Datatweb technology does.

Also, being able to use the powerful technology of meta programming, solutions to the kind of needs 'solved' by traditional business software can be rethought and rebuilt from scratch.

A meta framework as solution for general requirements.

General needs of companies have been recognised and a meta framework has been built with Datatweb technology.

A Datatweb solution consists of (a) framework(s) with a meta framework on top.

This combination allows to generate an unlimited number of applications.

Just as for a software framework, the meta framework can be refined for specific requirements.

To address other needs, other frameworks and meta frameworks can be built if the offered solution doesn't fit the needs.

Modeling Datatweb Productivity Applications and handle abstractions.

Datatweb Productivity applications to facilitate collaborations.

To unify people to realise company goals together, a structure is needed where all activities fit in. The nature of the activities of all company collaborators differ widely. Also the nature of the activities of one person can differ widely.

Instead of trying to model the working of a company in one model, it is much more effective to identify models at different conceptual viewpoints and sub models at different hierarchical levels, or more down to earth by modeling sub activities of the company.

For each model, the workings are described in its own terminology. Different entities and its collaborations are identified. People may participate in the workings of different models.

For each model a Datatweb Productivity application can be generated that facilitate people to collaborate effectively and to realise company goals by effective collaboration between people and between people and machine.

Handle conceptual nuances by refining the meta framework just like any software framework, but at a different abstraction level.

The same Datatweb meta application framework can generate applications that at first sight differ widely but when abstracting the required specifications, they do nearly the same, only the model differs.

The terminology of concepts differ widely in models, the naming of the used entities and their relationships have no resemblance at all.

Taking familiar applications as example : abstracting the requirements for a ticketing system to manage issues in software applications and a sales application for sales people on the road, a high percentage is covered by a common meta application framework.

Even at a higher conceptual level, not every concept in business applications can be covered in a uniform way for different concrete situations, or different concepts must be introduced.

Incompatible differences can be handled by refining a meta framework the same way it is done in any software framework, but at a different abstraction level.

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