Datatweb Productivity redefines how business applications should work to ensure they are intuitive and enable efficient working.

The Datatweb meta framework approach, a solution to the rigidity of business software systems.

Another way to look at data to improve the productivity of business data.

The Datatweb system, a disruptive way of making software.

In the history of software creation, bootstrapping has played a mayor role in boosting the productivity of software creation.

The Dataweb technology adds a new step to the established bootstrapping processes by creating fully elaborated software systems out of software code pieces.

Using the powerful technology of meta software to automate the activity of software development allows to redefine how a business application should work in order to solve major deficiencies in current business applications.

Datatweb Productivity both proves this novel technology works for real software systems and at the same time redefines the working of a business application.

Dataweb Productivity focuses on neglected aspects of business needs, so it can immediately fill in market needs.

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